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Welcome To Northern Soul Dance

......You Can Learn To Dance Northern Soul with an established, professional dance instructor and adjudicator
Member British Dance Council, Member International Dance Council, and Fellow of United Kingdom Alliance Professional Teachers of Dance.
Please note all orders recieved between 26th April and 11th May will be dispatched on 12th May.  
I have been teaching Northern Soul Dance since 2008 and was the first person to breakdown, script and teach this great dance style - Make 2016 the year when you finally get out on the floor........Welcome to my northern soul dance site.  On my site you can purchase my northern soul dance tuition dvd's - they are professionally produced, very easy to follow and you always have me online to help you on your way to dancing with confidence, just go to the webshop.  You can also book one of our fantastic northern soul dance workshops in Huddersfield, London and across the UK.
Hi my name is Sharon Sullivan. I love and am passionate about Northern Soul and I am the first person to teach this style of dance professionally in my dance studios in Huddersfield, London , France and Italy.  My new studios are superb, cool and have great dance floors. 
It has always been thought that Northern Soul dancing required a natural ability for the style and could not be taught, this is simply not true.  It took me seven months to break down the basic moves and script them.  Being a professional dance coach, adjudicator and choreographer for many, many years - I understand dance and music thoroughly and am an expert in knowing what a beginner dancer needs to be able to dance confidently on the dance floor.  I have a BSc in Psychology which I use to read each student on an individual basis so that I can meet their personal dance needs, identify and correct their mistakes and ensure they understand the music and how to dance to it.  I teach northern soul dance moves to anyone who wants to learn and/or improve their style.  If there is a particular dance move you wish to learn, show it to me and I will teach you how to dance it - this is how confident I am at my teaching skills.
  'I can't think of anything worse than being at a great event and sitting out a fantastic tune that touches your soul.'
If you want to dance this style - you can, it is up to you.  If you feel you want to dance but feel you have no rhythm, no coordination or do not have the confidence to just get up and have a go, I can teach you.  Courage is taking the first step to call or email me.
I am the first and only professional instructor who has taken the time to break down these moves, script them and teach them to all who want to learn.  I teach and coach outside the UK also and can attend any venue, in any part of the world.   I have taken the effort (and cost) of producing the first ever dance tuition dvds in this fantastic dance style, just go to the webshop.  Look around my website, you can email or call me if you want a chat, My mobile number is 07748641919, you can also contact Chris on our bookings hotline for more information and availability, this number is 07411783140.

Sharon & Ken 

Sharon & Kenny





 .....Don't Sit Out The Next Dance - Be Part Of It!