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About Us

Danceology opened in June 2000 following a massive refurbishment of the 1901 St. Marks sunday school building.  The refurbishment took just 2 months to complete.  My studio has a fantastic atmosphere with a large maple sprung dance floor - ideal for northern.  I teach lots of different styles of dance including Salsa, Ballroom & Latin American, Freestyle Dance, Rock n Roll, Street Dance and Hip Hop, plus much more.  I instist on a relaxed studio, a nurturing and fun environment for all my students. St Marks has served us well over the years.  I had to let my lovely studio go when I became my hubby's full time carer, I just could not do both and Jim came first!
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We decided that after the death of my lovely husband, we would travel around the Country rather than being static in one place.  We were always being asked to attend different venues and we could not manage it due to our studio committments. We can now teach in your area if you have a number of people who want to learn together and a small venue, we can come to you!
SHARON L D SULLIVAN - Owner, Dance Coach and Choreographer, Adjudicator and Teacher Trainer
Sharon Sullivan is a professional dance teacher and a lifelong northern soul dancer who in 2008 painstakingly broke down the basic moves and steps so they can be taught to anyone who wants to learn.  She can build your confidence so that you can get up and dance, and express yourself through the fantastic music - a very special experience.
Sharon has been dancing since she was 8 years old, her dancing began in Preston, Lancashire at a dance studio called 'Dancers' - her teacher was Nick Attack, a fantastic dancer and a truly nurturing teacher.  She has been dancing lots of different dance styles ever since.  She has represented England and Scotland in major championships and was a British Finalist four times.  On retireing from competitive dance, she studied for her professional teaching certificates, including hip-hop and street dance, and opened her own dance studio in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
Sharon's passion for Northern Soul began when she was just 15 years old, once she found this music, she was hooked.  It was a friend who asked her if she could teach him to dance in the northern soul style, obviously her first reaction was 'not a chance', this is not a style that can be taught.  Being a dance teacher, she could not resist trying to break down the moves, eventually over 7 months she had broke down and scripted some basic moves and was able to teach them.  Since then Sharon has taught hundreds of people and very sucessfully too.  Sharon continues to strive to keep the scene alive and fresh, keeping people dancing and introducing new people to the scene.
Sharon is a Member of the British Dance Council, Member of the International Dance Council, is an International Dance Adjudicator and a Fellow of the United Kingdom Alliance Professional Teachers of Dance with many dance teaching certificates obtained over the years.  She also has a City & Guilds in Fashion & Design, a BSc (Hons) Degree in Psychology and a MSc in Nutrition.  She is currently working on new and unique designs of clothing, shoes and accessories and a teaching program for the northern soul scene. 
beach black n white 
Kenny James is one of our younger teachers who has been dancing and competing since he was 7 years old.  He is a naturally gifted dancer with an innate skill for any type of dance.  He has been teaching northern soul for over a year now and is completely hooked.  Kenny is a drum n bass DJ but loves the smooth sounds of northern soul and motown as he has been listening to my music for as long as he can remember.  He mixes his own music and loves the different tones and layers that make up northern soul dance music.  He is completely dedicated to teaching each student and can develop each person's dance to include easy and complex northern soul moves and his spins are something to behold.  Kenny regularly travels the Country to teach at individual's parties and events and can really get a party going with his relaxed teaching and lively personality. You will spot kenny on the dancefloor, once seen, never forgotten!!  He is a regular at local Northern Soul NIghts and wants to support each and every one.
I am currently teacher training two eager students in London.  Once they qualify they will be available to teach you in and around London.  They are currently working hard on the Professional Dance Teachers syllabus.  More about Mike and Peter later...