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(November 12, 2009)
I received a fantastic, moving email from Jane Connolly whose husband, James unfortunately passed away on 7th June 2009.  From information Jane gave me, James was a true soulie, a fantastic northern dancer and a man who will be missed by everyone whose life he touched.  Unfortunately I did not manage to meet James, but throuh Jane, I feel I know him.  I have dedicated one of my dance moves to James and is called the 'JP Connolly' move (JPC for short).  I am deeply honoured to be able to do this for Jane and for James' memory.  I know that Jane appreciates all the support she is getting from family, friends and soulies and I am sure that anyone who reads this will be happy to offer kind thoughts to Jane and Katie, James and Piers, their children, while the long healing process is progressing.
Jane, keep going to the northern soul events, keep surrounding yourself with the people and places that both you and James loved, although he will not be physically beside you, I am sure he will be with you wherever you go.
All our thoughts and best wishes are sent from all our staff at Danceology and especially from me.  Keep in touch.

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