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Here's what Some of the Students say.....

Just attended a brilliant workshop in London, I loved it, it made me want to go out dancing tonight!  The steps were just the right level and I feel I have a good enough repertoire to hold my own with the hardcore northern soulers!  The teaching was relaxed, friendly and informal.  (EB, London)

Sharon is a very patient and enthusiastic teacher, I really enjoyed the workshop in London, I found some dance steps harder than others but its all about practice.  (RW, Surrey)

I was made very welcome at the studio, I found some moves easy, some harder, I loved the spins!  Sharon is fantastic, she teaches very slow so it makes it so much easier to learn, thank you! (ZS, High Wycombe - London Workshop)

Arriving on my own, I was made very welcome on entry into the studio, I loved all of the workshop, it looked hard to begin with but once the music was on, it all fell into place.  Sharon is brilliant, she breaks down the moves, step by step.  I would recommend these workshops to everyone who wants to learn, I definately want to go back! (GB, High Wycombe - London Workshop)

Made very welcome, The moves we found were moderate to easy to learn and we feel we would be confident enough to hit the dancefloor (perhaps in a corner).  We could have done with more breaks on the day but Sharon was keen to keep us learning! Our brain cells were overloaded with moves!! 10/10 Sharon, she breaks the steps down really well. (ST, Herts - London Workshop)

Some moves were easy, some harder to learn but all very enjoyable.  Sharon - you are great, but I need more!!!! (JM, London - London Workshop)

Sharon is fun and friendly, made to feel at east and very welcome at the studio.  Some moves were easy and some were impossible, or so we thought!  We loved it!  (AW, Clapton - London Workshop)

The moves were explained great for everyone.  I think its a great idea that Sharon has done this and I will be recommending these workshops to everyone.  Had a brilliant day and there was nothing that I didnt enjoy.  Sharon was spot on, she brought back the basic steps every now and again just to make sure we all understood the moves - looking forward to coming back and may have a private lesson too! (SK, Cirencester - London Workshop)

I loved the moves, some hard and some more easy to learn.  I have already booked onto the next workshop and cannot wait to come back.  Sharon never puts pressure on anyone to get the moves perfect, it makes you feel very relaxed, her break down of steps is very good.  Loved the day with Sharon.  (HG, Mossley- Huddersfield Workshop)

Sharon is extremely friendly and we found the moves really great, some easy some harder but all brilliant.  Lunch was lovely and we welcomed the break!!  Sharon is Patient, professional and knowledgable, there was nothing she could not answer or explain.  It was a great friendly atmosphere and we loved it.  (SJ, Bingley - Huddersfield Workshop)

 I am in bliss!! I have just watched the Beginners Northern Soul dance DVD for Men.  Sharon, you are brilliant.  Your dancing is amazing.  The work you are doing has an important social context to it as well as being a way for people to access their inner happiness!  I will be booking on one of the beginners courses as soon as I earn the money!  I am so glad you are kept the faith. (DP)

Just wanted to say what a fantastic day I had at the all-day beginner session om Saturday.  You are great teachers and Sharon, you really know your stuff inside out, and how to pass this on to the students.  It was a lovely friendly atmosphere with the group which built my confidence.  The music is great and I loved spending all day (with lots of refreshment breaks) with you.  Thank you so much for expanding my enjoyment of the Northern Soul scene and helping our little group get out kicks out on the floor.  Looking forward to coming again soon.  (SB)
I received your DVD this morning and could'nt wait to get started... I have had sooo much fun dancing in my living room and my legs certainly know about it ..... that is the gym membership cancelled lol!!  Thank you soooo much for making this super easy to follow and soooo enjoyable DVD.  Looking forward to getting the next one once I have mastered this first one.  Well done and best wishes.  (CH)
Sharon, I would just like to say how effortless you make dancing to that beautiful Northern Soul sound.  The instruction content is second to none and really enjoyable, great choice of 'choonage' also!!  Had a practice and am still at the 'warm up' stage .. lol!! But seriously a great product and I was doing so well until you 'chucked' in the foot swivel!!!  But I will practice.  Again Sharon, great stuff and worth every penny.  (PU)

My son bought me the Ladies Beginners for Xmas last year.  I love your teaching style.  The way you break everything down makes learning easy.  I like the way you take things slowly and allow plenty of time to see exactly what you are doing.  for the first time I feel I can actually northern soul dance.  The DVD is excellent. (KH)
I have just had the best experience I can remember for a long, long time.  I have just had a private lesson with Sharon.  I was really nervous about doing this but decided to bite the bullett and just go for it - I am so very glad I did.  Sharon greeted me with the biggest smile and began chatting straight away - I was immediately put at ease.  She showed me some moves and I chose the one I liked, she taught me the move within the hour and although I need to practice it - It felt great.  Sharon has the patience of a saint and a personality to die for, she is a fantastic teacher, a brilliant dancer and you will not be disappointed with your time with her.  Great lesson, great moves, great value - cant wait for the next lesson - thank you Sharon. (TM - Leicester)
Bought the Ladies Beginners DVD because although I do a bit of dancing. my legs felt really heavy when dancing and so I sit and watch others dance.  By watching the Ladies steps I am learning to move my weight around correctly which is helping my heavy legs.  (BL)
Sharon, let me just say how brilliant your northern soul DVD for ladies is.  I love it and have not stopped playing it.  It has been a great help for me with the steps and you break them down so well.  I love the way you dance at the end of DVD - can you teach this too? (LM)
Hi Sharon, Just received your 4 DVDs and very impressed.  I have been going to events for 5 years now but never been able to dance to this fantastic music that I listen to, the DVDs I know will now let my dream come true, many thanks.
Got the DVD, superb, very good how you break down the steps. I am working through it and it is just great.
(Paul, Scotland)
Just wanted to let you know that I purchased both the ladies DVDs and think they are fantastic.  I am repeating the beginners at the moment to get the steps second nature and then I will go on to the intermediate.  You are a great teacher and your warmth and love for your art radiate on screen and make it very enjoyable to do.  With thanks to you. 
Just thought I would drop you a line to say I think the DVDs are fantastic, please let me know when you do the advanced one and I will definately have a copy.
Got the DVD the other day.  Superb, verry very good how you break down the steps.  All I need to do now is set up the spare tv in the kitche & were off.  I will soon be ready for the next one.
Just a note to say your DVDs are greatI've just received your dvd on wednesday.  It's fan-bloody-tastic.  The way you've broken down the steps is a touch of genius.  I've been practising all day today.  I'm coming to one of your courses now - Thanks again.
The steps are bloody cool! Some hard and some not so hard, the trick is linking them together.  Sharon was great, repetition is the key.  The class was small enough for her to see everyone individually.  Thanks Sharon - I will practice very hard before my next lesson.
(MD, Middlewich, Beginners All-Dayer0
All good beginners steps and moves, would come on a regular basis if it wasnt so far away.  Sharon is very good, informative, easy to follow and very attentive.  I had a great day.
(LG, Oxon, Beginners All-Dayer)
An excellent class and lots of fun too, I just need to practice what I have learned now.  Sharon is patient, her style of teaching is great, a great teacher.  As with all things it is harder than it looks.  It was an all round great experience and really enjoyable.
(NH, Harrogate, Beginners All-Dayer)
We have just had a mini break in Huddersfield, why? we attended Sharon's northern soul all-dayer for beginners.  It was fantastic, great music, good company (there were 7 of us there for the day) and a great coach in Sharon Finch - a soulie if ever there was one.  My wife and I were absolute beginners, and we took the 230 mile journey specifically to attend the course.  We all had a fantastic day - Sharon broke down some of the basics and really emphasised that we needed to put ourselves into it to adapt and combine and she does not teach routines.  We all finished the day exhausted, limbs that ached (and still do) but with beeming cheesey grins on all our faces and disappointed that the day had to come to an end.  I am going back for more and we will both be going back for the intermediate course.  If you are considering it - stop thinking about it - just do it.  If Sharon had her studio nearer to me I would never be away.  Thank you sharon.   (DM, Southampton, Beginners All-Dayer) 
Sharon created an excellent environment for learning.  Training was delivered in small stages with support throughout.  Very good teaching style and very patient, Sharon paid attention to all the students.  These sessions are definitely a good idea.
(JB, York - Beginners All-Dayer)
Some steps were harder to learn than others and there is something for everyone.  Sharon is friendly and very encouraging, she tackled all styles and abilities together.  I would definitely do another all-dayer.
(LS, Manchester, Beginners All-Dayer)
I found some of the moves quite hard to master but I persevered and got there in the end.  The spins made me dizzy but I loved it.  Sharon is great and I am not just saying that!  Sharon thank you for taking the fear out of dancing for me.
(NP, Halifax, Beginners All-Dayer)
Found the way the steps were broken down made a complete novice feel confident.  We can't wait to get to the next event, Sharon is so patient and lots of fun too.  We are very glad we found your site on the internet, and even more pleased that we made the first step to call Sharon.  We will be back.
(JR, Kettering, 3 hours Private Tuition)
I was made very welcome at the studio.  Dance lessons are great with Sharon.  She is really good, patient, down to earth and I would recommend these to anyone.
(KS, St. Helens, Beginners All-Dayer)
Sharon has a great teaching style, loads of fun.  Some easy steps, some harder steps.  I had a brilliant day - I am really looking forward to hitting the dance floor at the next event.
(AJ, Tunbridge Wells, Beginners All-Dayer)
This is a great idea, I was made very welcome.  Sharon is excellent and easy to understand, a very enjoyable experience.
(RW, Warwick, Beginners All-Dayer)
We were made really welcome at the studio.  Sharon is really good and breaks down everything so that you can understand it.  Some easy steps and some a lot more difficult, this is a great idea for anyone who cant do it - I didn't realise how unfit I was!!!
(BW, Warwick, Beginners All-Dayer)
A great idea, I needed the confidence to get onto the dance floor instead of just watching - Sharon gave me this.  Sharon's teaching is very relaxed and fun.  The slow breakdown of steps made it easier to learn and Sharon has plenty of patience!  Sharon you made the day so enjoyable, everyone was so friendly and helpful to each other.  I am pleased I came and would recommend this to anyone.  I cant wait for the next one.
(LK, Lincs, Beginners All-Dayer)
A great day although I found some of the steps quite difficult to master.  It is a great idea and Sharon is excellent.  This was just what I was looking for - the first step of a long walk done!
(CR, Tunbridge Wells, Beginners All-Dayer)
I was made really welcome at the studio, I was so nervous when I walked in.  The spins were hard but great fun - it was just fantastic.  A great idea.  Sharon is easy going, she started simple, broke the steps down into their basic form - a great teacher.  I had a fab day.  It was a superb experience and everyone was so friendly and it was a nice small group so there was no problem when making a mistake, we just felt fine about it.  I loved every minute of it.  Sharon see you in January - I cant wait.
(BD, Wakefield, Beginners All-Dayer)
The steps were explained really well.  I still found some difficult though.  I was made to feel really welcome at the studio, it is a fantastic idea.  Sharon was great, she explained everything so clearly and I would love the DVD when it is out.  Just a big thank you, the day was great, friendly and overall so much fun.  I have aches in my leg muscles that I never knew I had.
(JH, Brighton, Beginners All-Dayer)
It is a lovely studio, I was made very welcome.  A good range of steps, well broken down - a nice choice of easy and hard steps.  It is a great idea, it is a unique style and hard to get the hang of, even if you have danced other styles before.  Sharon is very informal, encouraging and fun.  Good emphasis on not getting every last thing perfect but enjoying it and learning enough to go away and practice.  Thanks for a really great day, meeting like minded people and giving us ideas, inspiration and steps to work on and show off with.
(JI, Hull, Beginners All-Dayer)
A good mixture of easy and hard moves, I will certainly have enough confidence to get up at the next event.  Sharon is friendly, easy to understand and very supportive.  Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.
(MH, Stafford, Beginners All-Dayer)