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The Psychology of Competitive Dance

Dancing is a wonderful social activity, no matter what type of dance it is. In couple dancing (such as ballroom, Latin American, Salsa, Ceroc or Rock ‘n’ Roll for example), there is nothing nicer to be able to dance with your partner, enjoy the music and dance at social gatherings. There is also a health aspect - you are enjoying something that also keeps you fit and active, and the benefits continue for years.

Competitive activities, including dance, need a different approach. You need to train to compete, changing your routines, your training schedule and not just attending your weekly dance classes. Your teacher needs to shape you and your dancing into something your peers perceive as better than the others. 

This can be very difficult for the untrained dance tutor. This skill that requires additional knowledge and the ability to encourage and nurture students and transform them into confident competitors, full of self confidence, not only in themselves but in their ability to win.

Competition dance can become a very expensive hobby - it just depends on how far you want to go! If you begin competition dancing, it won’t be long before you are hooked. This applies to both children and adults; the competition bug bites you every time. You want to improve, you want to beat the one who beat you before, you want to become that championship dancer that you have just seen perform (championship dancers do not dance, they perform for you).

Dancing and performing are two different aspects of dance. Dancing and teaching are also two very different things.  A great dancer does not always become a great competitor, just as a great dancer can’t automatically become a dance teacher.

We at Northern Soul Dance are experts in competitive dance. We can help you right from the moment you are preparing to attend the competition: your dancing, your outfits, your shoes, your stance, your approach to the dance floor, your performance and your personality.  If you compete on an individual or partner basis and want to improve your performance, or become a successful competitor, get in touch - just give us a call or an email.